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Pollen Party and Break da Bank at Blackjack Ballroom

casino blackjackC.S. had some great wins on Pollen Party and Break da Bank at Blackjack Ballroom and wanted to thank Blackjack Ballroom Casino!

I feel very happy with my win and I still can’t believe it! I told my friends that I am going to invite them all to the disco. We had a very good night 🙂

The win also came just in time because my mother’s car died last week so on father’s day I am going to help her buy a new car, I didn’t tell her yet. It means a lot for me to help her because she raised me by herself and I am very thankful for her.

I like to play Break da Bank and Pollen Party because I think you can have big wins on both. I had a few big wins on each one, I couldn’t believe that I keep winning and winning! When I get a couple of nice wins on a slot machine I like to change to a different machine. That is my tip to the other players.

I like to play at Blackjack Ballroom because I like the slot machines and it is easy to play in my house. Blackjack Ballroom makes my family very happy this father’s day!!

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